Computing for Good


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About Us

We are a social good initiative consisting of Georgia Tech faculty, partners, and computer science students. We have studied computing for social change via a course offered regularly since 2008, resulting in deployed projects around the world. Feel free to view information about our history. Additionally, please check out our student projects in the hexagons below.


Students form teams early in the semester. They select projects in areas about which they are passionate. An agile paradigm is followed with iterative cycles. Communication with the partner organization and stakeholders is ongoing and critical. Please check out student projects in the hexagons. If you are interested in submitting a project idea, please complete our Contact form.

Headshot of Professor Vempala Santosh Vempala Dr. Vempala
Headshot of Professor Toyama Kentaro Toyama Dr. Toyama
Headshot of Professor Best Michael Best Dr. Best
Headshot of Rosa Arriaga Rosa Arriaga Dr. Arriaga
Headshot of Protip Biswas Protip Biswas Dr. Biswas
Headshot of Professor Abowd Gregory Abowd Dr. Abowd
Headshot of Professor Zegura Ellen Zegura Dr. Zegura
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C4G is a collective initiative of many, including these researchers, educators and on-field partners.